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Consciousness. This is your life. Don’t let circumstances run your life; you run your life – what you want, how you want to be. Do you want to be angry? Sometimes it is good to be angry. Sometimes you want to be kind.

You are like a painter. There are many colors on your palette. You don’t have to use only one. It’s your life. Kindness is in you. Unconsciousness is in you, and consciousness is in you. The only thing you need is to take a moment to be conscious. This is easy to do. Just take a little moment before you do something and think, “What is it I am about to do? What is it that I want to do? I’m going to have this conversation – how do I want to feel afterwards?”

These are little things that you can do. And of all the little things you can do, the easiest one is just to take a little time.

☆ Prem Rawat

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