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A lot of people say, “Don’t journey through the desert.” I never say that. I say, “Go through the desert, but take water with you because you will need it.” It’s not a matter of making the impossible possible; it is recognizing your own possibility. Contentment in your life is very possible. Recognize it. Understand it. Grow with it every day. There is room for growth. There are some things that never stop growing.

There is no limit to enjoyment. There is no limit to clarity, to joy, to the truest learning. There is no limit to understanding. You can never say, “I understand this too much.” Ignorance has a limit, but what limit is there to understanding? Understand every day that there is a beauty you can fill yourself with again and again and again.

☆ Prem Rawat

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An experience of the ultimate
is the ultimate experience.

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