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Sweet 16

Sweet Sixteen, 1931 Photo

Voyage of Life

In this life, we hear many things. We hear about the road of life, about what is the purpose of life. But the fact of the matter is, no one knows. Each one of us, because we are alive, will make a voyage. What will it be like? No one knows.

You are given a vessel - this human body. By the very fact that it exists, it will make a voyage and go where no one has been before. You might think it will be similar to another person's voyage. No. There are infinite little changes, variables that will make your voyage unlike anyone else's. How you perceive, how you understand is completely unique to you.

Every day is different. Even if you do the same thing every day, no two days are alike. It is not just a question of good or bad; it is how you view it. One day things could be really bad and you're feeling good inside so, "It's not so bad." There could be a day when things are really good but you're not feeling good inside, so you think, "Oh, no. Everything is bad."

How do we make this voyage? What is the purpose of this voyage?

To understand this, you have to begin at point zero. Why? Because you've heard a lot, read a lot of books. This is all information floating in your head. You need to begin at zero - no information. Let's look at the facts, not ideas.

You try to make this body comfortable. You want a soft bed, a soft pillow. When you buy shoes, you walk in them to make sure they're comfortable. We spend a lot of time and energy to make sure our body is externally comfortable. Do we also spend that time to make sure that our existence, our life, is internally comfortable? Or do we learn how to live with disparity, with anger, with confusion?

You start out as a baby. As you get older and older, the body deteriorates. You know it's going to deteriorate, but you try to take care of it, preserve it. You want to be comfortable because this is how you are made. This body does not like pain; it reacts to something hot. It wants to see and hear that which brings you enjoyment. This is how you are.

So, is it any different for what is within you, that the heart also wants to enjoy? Your existence wants to be fulfilled.

What is the ultimate experience? Without being a rocket scientist, I would have to say that the experience of the ultimate would be an ultimate experience. The ultimate would be that power that makes everything possible. Powers it. Moves it. In the whole universe. I'm not going to try to define it because one of the definitions of the ultimate is that it's indefinable. I'm not going to try to explain to you what infinity is; we cannot understand what infinity is.

This universe is amazing, but the fascinating thing is not understanding the universe, but understanding that what powers the universe happens to be within us right now, and we can experience it. And when you do, you are filled with peace, with clarity, with joy. This is when you experience the truest, truest happiness.

How beautiful is this opportunity to make this voyage of life. What do you need to take with you? Do you need anger? Do you need fear? No. These have been given to you, but so has kindness. There is confusion, but there is clarity. There is pain, but there is joy. Pain is the absence. Kindness and joy are the presence.

Your life is about absences and presences, and you need to know the difference. To make doubts go away is impossible, but to bring clarity into your life is very possible. This you can do. In your life, have you put on your list what you do not want or what you do want? For most people, there are all the lists of what they don't want: "I don't want confusion; I don't want poverty; I don't want pain. I don't want this; I don't want that."

Let me help you prepare for this voyage. You try to pack everything, and your back hurts from carrying all those ideas. You don't need everything. Lighten your load. Carry the essentials; that's all you need. Pack clarity. It will see you through most problems. Confusion weighs a lot; clarity weighs so little. Pain weighs so much, and joy so little. These are good things to carry with you because they hardly weigh anything and they make you lighter, too.

Take the voyage. It's a good voyage. Feel the heaven here. This earth was designed for you. Be in that peace. Be in that joy.

- Prem Rawat

Do not grieve.
Anything you lose comes
round in another form.
-  Rumi

When I have come home to this moment called now, I feel my heart dancing with gratitude. Perhaps tears come, but they are of joy, not sorrow. Every fiber in my being rejoices to be alive.

I have no quest for tomorrow, or even the moment yet to come. And that’s good because it is a moment that I could live in forever.

☆ Prem Rawat

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An experience of the ultimate
is the ultimate experience.

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