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Introduction - Prem Rawat


Peace on this earth is not going to come from logic, because if it could, it would already be here. What have we not tried yet? We have not yet tried compassion.

Compassion for my existence. Compassion for your existence. Compassion for each human being on the face of this earth. Not logic, but compassion.

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Words of Peace - Global

Prem Rawat articulates a message of hope in a time of rapid change and turmoil. Through Words of Peace he points to the possibility that each individual can find peace within, whatever is going on around them.

Prem Rawat offers “The Keys” as a way to discover peace within called Knowledge. Five videos provide the foundation for four practical techniques that enable a person to turn their attention inside in order to experience the peace that resides there.

The Prem Rawat Foundation

Addressing the fundamental human needs of food, water, and peace so that people can live with dignity, peace and prosperity. All the activities and programs of the Foundation are designed to support the right of every human being to these fundamental elements of being human.

Table of Contents

25,550 Days

A Candid Exchange - Success

A Lifetime

A Process of Discovery

A Question Needs To Be Asked

A Simple Song

Accra, Ghana

Always Remember


Ambassador for Peace Presentation

An Ocean In The Drop

Angel In You



Asheville, Exit Only, 2012

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina, August 2012

Auckland, New Zealand

Baltimore, USA

Barcelona, March 11, 2012

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain, 2013

Be Your Own Hero

Being Alive

Being Rich

Bengaluru, Nov 2016 - English, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Tamil, Italian

Benin, Cotonou

Best Friend

Best News: National Dong Hwa University

Birmingham, England, 2012

Boston, Massachusetts


Bridge To Peace

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013

Can You Hear This Truth

Can You Hear This Truth?

Cancer Patient Conversation

Cancun, Mexico

Cape Town TV - November 2015

Celebrate This Day

Chicago, USA, 2012


Citizens of The Earth

Come A Little Closer

Contentment Is Not That Far From You

Conversation On Illness

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012

Cotonou, Benin

Curicó, Chile, 2014

Currency of The Heart

Cusco, Peru - 2014

Dance With The Rhythm of Existence

Denver, Colorado, USA

Dignity Through Vision Eye Clinic

Dignity, Peace, Prosperity

Do You Feel Blessed?

Do You Know?

Do You Know?

Dynamics of Existence

Ecuador Peace Forum

Empowering People

Engaging In Change: 2018 News

Enlightened Kabir

European Parliament, 2010

Express Your Joy

Face of Peace

Faint Voice In A Screaming Storm

Farmer And The Buried Treasure

Feel The Spark of The Divine

Find Your Humanity

Five Seconds of Heaven

Five Seconds of Heaven

Florianopolis, Brazil

Focus On Being Fulfilled

Focusing On Fulfillment

Food For People, Otinibi, Ghana

Free To Choose

From Belief To Know

From Simplicity Is Born Success


Fundamentals of Peace

Give Peace A Chance In Life

Glowing Memories

God Tests You

Greatest Truth of All

Guaranteed Success

Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2012


Have Clarity In Your Life

Have You Ever Been Bored?

Heaven, Hell, And God

Highest Form of Acceptance

Highlights 2013

Highlights 2014

How Are You?

I Have A Story For You

Ibarra, Ecuador - PEP

If You Want To Know The Self

Immeasurable Joy

Importance of Peace

Importance of Peace In Your Life

In Simple Lies Sublime - Charan Anand

Infinite Within


Journey of Life

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2012

King Janak And Ashtavakra

Know Thyself

Knowing You’re Alive

Kuala Lumpur, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2012

Language of The Heart


Life Is Beautiful, Live Every Moment

Life Is Your Presence

Life Without Peace Is Incomplete - Mauritius Interview

Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru, 2012

Lion And The Sheep

Lisbon, Portugal

Listen To Yourself

London Houses of Parliament

Long Beach, California, 2012

Long Beach, California, Oct 2013

Long Beach, California, USA

Los Angeles, Aug 5, 2011



Lucknow, Nov 2016 - English, Hindi, Spanish, German, French, Tamil, Italian

Madrid, Spain, 2012

Make Your Own Story

Mankind’s Finest Achievement

Mauritius Interview - 2016

Mazara, Italy

Medicine For Peace

Melbourne, Australia - 2012

Message of Peace

Messengers of Peace, Scouts

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Miami, Jan 28, 2007

Milan, Italy

Moment Called Now

Montevideo, Uruguay, 2010

Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada

Most Essential In Life

Most Precious Gift

Mumbai, Nov 2016 - English, Hindi, Spanish, German, French, Tamil, Italian

Munich, Germany, 2012

Māori Peace Dialogue, New Zealand

National Dong Hwa University

Nepal, Recovering With Dignity

Newcastle, England

No Longer A Stranger

Nordic Peace Conference

Notes On Peace From Moscow

Now’s The Turn of The Heart

Overcoming Obstacles - Barcelona, Spain

PEACE: The Most Practical Tool

Palermo, Italy - June 4, 2016

Passing of Life

Passion For Peace


Peace And Wellbeing

Peace Begins With You

Peace Education Program - San Antonio

Peace For People

Peace Forum Excerpt Ibarra, Ecuador

Peace Is

Peace Is A Feeling

Peace Is A Priority

Peace Is A Priority

Peace Is Already There

Peace Message In South Africa

Peace Most Interesting

PeaceMakers - 2 Parts

Peacemakers, Prem Rawat & Mr. Gee

Perspective On Peace - Taylor’s University

Peru TV

Pledge To Peace

Pledge To Peace Comes To Rome

Porto, Portugal, 2013

Porto, Portugal, June 2012

Pot And The Gardener


Power To Transform

Power of Peace

Power of This Breath

Practice Peace


Presence In The Present

Prosperity Without Peace Is Chaos

Pure Love

Pursuing Inner Peace

Quest For Fulfillment

Rain In The Desert

Ravans Advice To Lakshman

Real Flower


Reality - Madrid, Spain

Revolution of Understanding


Rhythm of Clarity

Salvador, Brazil, 2013

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

Searching For The Innate

Season’s Greetings - Dec 2012

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace - Post Event

Set Your Sails

Seven Billion Reasons For Peace

Seven Billion Reasons For Peace

Shah Alam, Malaysia, 2011


Simply Amazing!

Sincerity For Life

Singular Focus

Slow Down - Be Aware

Source of Joy

Source of Joy Excerpts

South Africa, Special Audio Events

Soweto Peace Education Program

Stating the Obvious

Staying Focused

Stories For Peace

Sweet Reality

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia, 2012

Synergy University, Moscow, Russia

Thank You For Your Support In 2017

The Answer Is In You

The Answer Is In You

Thirst And Focus

This Blooming Called Peace

This Blooming Called Peace


To Feel Alive


Today Is A Mirror

Today Is A Mirror

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada, 2012

Touchy, Touchy, Touchy

Traduzioni Italiane

Tree of Your Heart

Truth About Peace

Truth About Peace

Two Most Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual World


Washington, DC, USA

Water & Food Award - Kuala Lumpur 2015

We Need A Mirror

Welcome To The World of Life

What Have You Sown In This Field of Life

What Is Now?

What Is Peace?

What Is Time?

What The Heart Is

What’s Your Echo?

Where Is Freedom?

Where Is Peace?

Where Peace Resides

Who Are You?

Winning The War

Write Your Own Story

You Are Ageless

You Are The Angel

You Are The One

You Are The Source

You Being Alive

You Have Thirty Seconds

Your Quest

Your Reality

Your Secret Weapon

Your Terra Firma

Your True Nature

Your Truest Thirst

Youth Peace Fest

You’ve Got It!



Words of Peace Global
A message of hope in a time of
rapid change and turmoil.