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It would be wonderful if human beings respected themselves, each other and nature. It would be wonderful if there were no wars, if there were no hunger, suffering, or ignorance. It would be wonderful if human beings knew and loved peace. And it would be beautiful if people did not have to lie to protect themselves.

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Words of Peace - Global

Prem Rawat articulates a message of hope in a time of rapid change and turmoil. Through Words of Peace he points to the possibility that each individual can find peace within, whatever is going on around them.

Prem Rawat offers “The Keys” as a way to discover peace within called Knowledge. Five videos provide the foundation for four practical techniques that enable a person to turn their attention inside in order to experience the peace that resides there.

The Prem Rawat Foundation

Addressing the fundamental human needs of food, water, and peace so that people can live with dignity, peace and prosperity. All the activities and programs of the Foundation are designed to support the right of every human being to these fundamental elements of being human.

Table of Contents


All Is Well

All Is Well - Daya Rawat

Always Remembering You

Always Remembering You

Always, Faces In India

Amahoro - Celebrate Life Events

Amaroo 2014 Assembly

Amaroo Celebrations, 2012

Amaroo Gathering

Another Beautiful World

As The Sun Goes Down

As We Are

Back Home

Barcelona December 2010

Barcelona July 2010

Beautiful Nepal

Beautiful Sadness of Longing

Brazil And Chile 2013

Buenos Aires 2011

Call For Peace

Casual Morning In Buenos Aires

Celebrating Love

Darling Be Home Soon - Daya

Day of Peace - September 21

Dearest - Daya

Dirt - Guru Nanak

Do What You Love

Empty Road - Dani Cali

Even In Your Darkest Hour

Even When

Every Breath

Feel Alive

Feel Your Heart

Feeling Peace

Finding Your Love


For You

Gathering - Adorney, Daya

Gift of Hope

Give Peace A Chance

Glastonbury 1971

Glory of Life - जीवन की जय

Go Within

Hans Jayanti 2009

Hans Jayanti 2010

Hans Jayanti 2011

Happy - Words of Peace

Happy Birthday To You

Happy People

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hard Road - Dani Cali

Have You The Urge Too

Here To Tell You

Hope And Memory

Hum Chale - Youth Peace Fest

I Am Yours

I Am Yours

Indian Tour 2012

Inner Landscape Time

Inspiring And Amazing

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace

I’m Sure - Daya

I’ve Been Running - Dani Cali

Jack-A-Roe - Wendy Lewis, Steve Gilbert

Jaipur November 2014

Joy To Joy

Jyot se Jyot - Wendy Lewis, Luke Tunney

Know Thyself

La Mirada Interior

Lake of Joy

Light Will Split You Open - Hafiz

Lima Peru 2010

Lima Peru, 2011

Listen To The Heart

Little Drops

Little Drops of Mercy

Live This Moment

Lord’s Prayer

Magic of Love, Daya

Mauritius 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Monsoon - Luka Bloom

Music of Your Heart

Music of Your Heart

Need For Love

Never Ending

Neverending - Daya Rawat

Ocean In The Drop

On The Road, Asheville 2007


Peace Day - Emily Katsuno

Peace Is Possible

Peace Is Possible - Michael Nouri

Peace Yet Undefined

People Need Love


Perfume of God

Poem of The Atoms

Pour Vous


Questions Not Answered


Reaching For Love


Rhythms For Peace - Celebrate Life Events

River of Breath

Safe Harbor

Salvage Every Moment

Secret Place

So Close To You

Somewhere In Time

Song of Peace

Sound of Silence

Sri Hans, Prem Rawat’s Father

Stairway To Heaven - Kennedy Center

Stand Very Still

Stay - Dani Cali & Daya Rawat

Stay With Me

Stay With Me

Suddenly Love

Surfing Inside

There Is No Door

This Is My Paradise

This Knowledge

This Moment Called Now

This Thirst

Through Time

Truest Companion

Waiting For The Moon

What Does Love Mean To You?

What Is Poetry?

What Makes You Happy?

When The Moon Is Always New

Without You

Women’s Prison In Ezeiza, Argentina

Words of Peace In Moscow

You Gave Me The Key



Words of Peace Global
A message of hope in a time of
rapid change and turmoil.