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I’d like to take a little bit of time and talk about you. How do I know you? You are, at a fundamental level, no different than I am. I’m not talking about your achievements or potential, or the things you have been through. But on the level of a human being—which you are and I am—there is something we have in common.

I am alive; you are alive. A breath comes into me; a breath comes into you. Your quest is for happiness, regardless of the means you think might bring it to you. Happiness, joy, peace—this is what you yearn for; this is what I yearn for. So, I speak to you on that fundamental level, not as a professor, preacher, or even a teacher, but from one human being to another.

We are caught in an incredible tornado of change. Everything around us is continuously in a state of change. Thoughts change, ideas change, and perceptions change. And you change—and change and change—all the while trying to fight the changes. At some point in your life, maybe you come to this conclusion: enough of fighting these changes—let them come.

In the middle of all these changes, could there be something that doesn’t change? You are not wrong to be looking for that thing that doesn’t change. It is inherent in you to seek it out so that you can have something in your life called stability—to be able to recognize change and still have the dignity of who you are.

Who are you? You have been incredibly blessed to have this life. This is much bigger than you realize. A lot of people say, “I’m me. I’ve done this; I’ve done this. It’s no big deal.”

Well, let me tell you, you are completely unique. There’s no one like you on the face of this earth, and actually, you know this. The way you smile, the way you see, the way you think, laugh, cry, walk, the way you know and don’t know—is completely unique. Once you are gone, you will never be replaced—ever.

The miracle is that this breath came into you and you are alive. You can think and understand and feel. These are miracles, and they take place inside every human being.

When the sun rises or sets, it strikes a chord of appreciation in you, and you say, “That’s beautiful.” When a guitar is played in tune with feeling, it strikes a note in you. Now, let me ask you: could it be possible that you have peace in you too, but you haven’t found what will evoke it? Could it be that simple? No world conference? No “leaders” coming together and making proposals for peace?

I am telling you that peace is already inside of you, that what you are looking for is inside of you. Could it be that you are more complete than you realize? Could it be that peace has been put inside of you, right within your heart, so you will know where to find it?

What you need is the drum of clarity playing in your life, which will evoke the rhythm of peace. Your assets are not the things you think they are—your assets truly are the clarity that resides in you—your consciousness, your capability of understanding the peace that resides in you. These are your assets. Without these, without the recognition of the Divine that dwells in you, you will search and search and search. And the more you search, the more disappointed you will be.

These things that I am saying to you, you know, and not because somebody told you, but from the fundamentals that exist within every human being—the stuff you really are, not your ideas.

Peace is a reality. The joy that is inside of you is a reality. What do you need? You need someone who can show you the way inside, somebody who can put a mirror in front of you so you can see who you are. This is about actually seeing. You can write a book about water or about a glass. But the quenching of thirst is an experience that you have to have.

What you are looking for is inside of you. If you need help finding it, I can help. That’s it. It’s simple, it’s beautiful—by design—that you are here. Understand that simplicity, that beauty, what it means to be alive. Learn to enjoy that which is most enjoyable. Fulfill your life.

☆ Prem Rawat

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