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Life Is Opportunity

What is this life like? It is not the pieces of gold you did not pick up that will make you wealthy; it is the ones that you did. It is not the moments you lost that will bring you gain; it is the moments you captured.

Every day we look at what we don’t have. Life is not about lost opportunities. It is about the opportunity taken. A painting is not about the strokes that were not there; it is about the strokes that were. A picture is not about all the things that are not on film; it is about what was there when the shutter opened. And for us, it is not about the days that have been swept under the bridge. It is about the days that are coming that we can gather in our bucket.

If you can understand just this much—that what you have matters—your whole outlook on life can change. Then it can become a gift because it is based on what you do have, not what you don’t have.

My prediction is that there are some incredibly good times coming. Incredibly good times. And I’m going to try as hard as I can to prepare you for them. Because if it is true that what counts is what you have, not what you don’t, then you have to be ready for those times because when they come, you have to save them.

What will those good days be? Will they be the fulfillment of some concept? Of course not.

When fulfillment happens, it is based upon something real. And it transcends even our wildest dreams. Sometimes it is as subtle as a flute playing in the distance. And we listen. Something gets stirred and something is fulfilled. Sometimes it is as big as the world itself or as small as a little speck of dust blowing in the wind. It is not what it is that matters. All that matters is what it brings. And that is coming your way. How do I know? Because it has come before. And it will come again, and again, and again. Be ready.

☆ Prem Rawat

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